Green Roof Study

Green Roof Study

Scottish Government | NatureScot

Collective Architecture have been working with the City of Edinburgh Council on the Meadowbank development since 2018, a large housing project in Edinburgh consisting of 596 units. This is subject to a live planning application.

Separate to the main project, the design team were commissioned by NatureScot and the Scottish Government, to undertake a high level study exploring the question ‘are green roofs viable in Scotland?’ The design team consisting of RaeburnFarquharBowen, Will Rudd Davidson and David Adamson were joined by green roof expert Dusty Gedge of Green Infrastructure Consultancy. The study uses the Meadowbank Development as a case study for academic purposes only. The options appraisal looks at how green roofs could be incorporated into the development and at what cost. The study explores the following:

  • The variety of green roof types and applications, particularly blue, bio-diverse and bio-solar
  • The impact of green roofs on below and above ground attenuation
  • The structural implications
  • The Wider benefits: social, environmental, ecological and health and wellbeing
  • The cost implications

The proposal submitted for Planning does not propose any green roofs at this stage. The application itself does not currently require roof types to be specified and the current outline cost plan makes no provision for Green Roof Infrastructure. The City of Edinburgh Council however were encouraged by the report and will consider how green roofs could be incorporated at the next stage, taking into account the costs and benefits set out in the study.

Further to the main report, Collective were invited to speak at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations Conference as well as the Polypipe Roadshow: Realising Resilience – an Introduction to Green Urbanisation in Scotland. It was great to be involved in both events, and help to promote green-infrastructure.

Diagram (right) produced for the report by RaeburnFarquharBowen