To reduce our energy demand and subsequent carbon emissions it is essential that we actively implement change. Current building practices and compliance criteria can often result in significantly higher energy use than predicted – referred to as the performance gap.

The Passivhaus standard is a proven means to significantly reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling whilst improving occupant comfort.

The team at Collective Energy offer Passivhaus design as a core service to all our existing clients as well as a consultancy role supporting other project design teams seeking to adopt the standard. This involves fundamental concept strategies and rigorous attention to detail design and construction in accordance with the Passivhaus principles.  We have been using the methodology since 2013 and developed a diverse portfolio of projects on both new build (Passivhaus Classic) and retrofit (Passivhaus EnerPHit) projects across all sectors.

As certified Passivhaus designers we work closely with the project design team and an accredited Passivhaus Certifier to validate the design.  Quality assurance is maintained through the construction phase by working closely with the contractor team, carrying out onsite quality checks and interim testing.  Design development can be incorporated into the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) model and, supplemented by airtightness testing on completion, a project will be eligible for certification.

Our involvement will ideally continue post occupancy to ensure a smooth transition into operation for the occupants and building managers.